At Pacific Coast Law we love our dogs!  For us they are Furry Family Members who bring us the kind of joy and peace of mind that only the heart and soul of a dog can.

Here at PCL we believe for every job there’s a dog, and for every dog there’s a job.

Osita, when she is not napping in the house, keeps us informed of visitors by springing into action and barking a greeting.

Luna, the youngster, has appointed herself the office mascot, and unless there is something extremely important on her calendar – like a fresh meat bone – she is at the office prepared to be adored.

We know that here in Costa Rica a lot of people prefer to bring their dogs with them when they’re out and about.  Clients are welcome to bring their dogs ​along to appointments – we enjoy meeting them!  All we ask is that you let us know in advance if you will be bringing a dog with you.  This way, we can prepare our own dogs and make arrangements to cut down on the risk of a Furry Personality Conflict.