September 17, 2020 by Pacific Coast Law

Costa Rica World Leader in Response to Covid-19

Costa Rica has been a world leader in its government’s response to the novel coronavirus known as Covid-19. Although the fight is far from over, as of this date, August 5, 2020, Costa Rica still has only suffered 191 deaths from Covid-19, out of a total of about 20,000 cases.  And our county Osa, in the Province of Puntarenas, has had 28 cases so far, with no deaths.

How to Get Residency in Costa Rica

No one can tell where or how this coronavirus crisis is going to end.  But we at Pacific Coast Law can say this:  we are ready to help our clients with all their legal needs, even as these seem to be changing with every new medical update from the authorities.

One big new deal is Costa Rican residency.  It seems like everyone and their grandmother is looking to buy a piece of Costa Rica as a safety valve, and even more are talking about re-locating permanently to Osa Peninsula, where we are, or to Guanacaste, further north up the Pacific Coast.  We at Pacific Coast Law are experts at getting official Costa Rican residency status for our clients. Please click here for an informative article on how to get your Costa Rica residency, published by Pacific Coast Law on our website:

Get Residency Leading to Citizenship for an Investment of $200,000

While we try to help everyone who is looking for Costa Rican residency, we tend to work mostly with those using the option of investing $200,000 or more in a local business or home.  That’s because the other possible paths carved out by law — namely, proving a monthly pension of $1,000 or more; or your ability to receive $2500 income for two years based on a local bank deposit – are straightforward and can be done with local non-legal assistance. Or if your Spanish is Ok, you can do it yourself.  However, we find that the folks who need our services to guide them are chiefly those going through the process of buying a house, or business – or starting a business of their own.

The good news is that residency can be achieved for a couple who purchase a home here, through the option described above, for a total legal and government fee starting at  $1750.  But the bummer is that Immigration is gummed up and Costa Rica residency is taking a long time to come through, up to two years at the current snail’s pace.  All the more reason to get started now!  .

What Can We Do To Help During These Times of Covid-19?

Meanwhile, we ask ourselves every day, what can we at Pacific Coast Law do to help during this ongoing coronavirus crisis? First, we are giving back what we can to the local community. It’s super important that there be enough food and medicine for everybody during this time. The government has done an incredible job so far of providing emergency food, medicine, and even money to hundreds of thousands of families in need. See here for a good link to all the government has done.

Second, it’s important that those in private enterprise, who can step up to the plate and assist others in the fight against Covid-19, do so now.  We at Pacific Coast Law are fortunate in that we do not rely directly upon tourism, as so many others do in our area and in Costa Rica at large.  In some areas we are seeing more clients now than ever.  Businesses like ours who are able to help are doing so directly. 

Interest in Costa Rica Real Estate Rising Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

We are seeing a definite increase in interest from many parts of the world in arable Costa Rican farmland with good potable water.  We are getting many reports from brokers about clients bidding on and buying houses sight unseen, and many more offers are building in the pipelines.  Moreover, the brokers have reported that they have never seen it so busy for real estate, not after 9/11 and not even just before the crash of 2008.

And that’s where we can definitely help our friends and clients, both current and new.

Send Us Details About Your Possible Relocation or Investment in Costa Rica

If you are thinking about acquiring property in Costa Rica, or maybe making a move here, please send us an email telling us about yourself, and what you are looking for. The more details you provide, the better equipped we will be to give you a good reply . We will also be glad to tell you what to expect and run you through some of the legal requirements for getting Costa Rica residency. We can also help regarding corporations, including helping you start your own, be it an SA or an SRL.  See here for a good article about the differences between the types of corporations in Costa Rica:

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